Visit THIS LINK to review the 2018 Capital Credit list. THANK YOU for being a Member and an Owner of Webster Electric Cooperative!

Pursuant to the bylaws of Webster Electric Cooperative, Article XI, Section 11.5, the Cooperative is hereby publishing notice that the following persons or entities have not claimed patronage capital that was paid out in 2014. If this capital is not claimed within 60 days of this notice, the same shall be deemed assigned and given to the Cooperative. Please contact the Cooperative at 417-859-2216. Identification will be required to claim.

SECTION 11.5 UNCLAIMED MONEYS. Notwithstanding any provision herein contained to the contrary, any member, patron or other customer who fails to claim any capital credits, patronage refunds, service deposits, membership fees, or account balances within two years after payment thereof has been available by the Cooperative, shall have made an irrevocable assignment and gift to the Cooperative of such unclaimed moneys. Upon expiration of at least two years after availability of such moneys, the Cooperative shall give sixty days notification by publishing notice in a newspaper of general circulation in the county of the last known service address of the member, patron or customer. Such notice shall show owner’s name and approximate amount of owner’s interest and state that if not duly claimed within sixty days of said notice the same shall be deemed assigned and given to the Cooperative. If not provable claim shall have been filed within sixty days after publication of such notice, the Cooperative shall, after offsetting any outstanding amounts due and owing the Cooperative from said member, patron or customer, thereafter treat the net unclaimed amount as donated capital of the Cooperative includable in the fiscal year in which the sixtieth day after published notice falls.